Sports Dome

Sports Dome

Sports clubs, schools and sports associations are often faced with the shortage of indoor sports fields, especially when playing outside is not possible.

DUOL sports dome is a perfect shelter, protecting your sports courts from weather and providing a safe & comfortable indoor space for a variety of sports activities. Providing a large capacity play area and space for spectators and equipment, inflatable sports domes are a great venue for recreational or professional indoor sports.

IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships in DUOL sports dome.

DUOL Sports Dome meets even the most strict world championship competition standards.

All-Weather sports dome keeps the game going

Bad weather could significantly reduce the time (and profit, in case of private investors) when sports activities are possible. Sports dome is a perfect solution for prolonging playing time all year round. DUOL Sports dome is equipped with all elements you need for comfortable and all-day activity. DUOL LaserLed luminaries, which come with every sports dome, illuminate your field and are suitable for operation for most difficult sports application demands. 

DUOL sports dome uses advanced materials and is designed to stay strong and dry even in extreme weather. The sports dome is designed to cope with high loads of snow and strong wind. The fabric structure of the dome is configured and installed based on your location, terrain and its intended use, which optimizes the performance of the structure.

All-Weather sports dome

All-Weather sports dome

DUOL sports dome advantages

DUOL sports dome offers a year-round highly customizable indoor space for sports such as tennis, football and soccer, as well as swimming, basketball, volleyball and others. Check out sports dome applications.

  • Use anywhere - no foundation needed
  • Large, clearspan interior
  • Solid and durable structure for year-round use
  • Turn-key possibilities (including stands, offices, locker rooms, toilets, sports flooring, sports equipment, dividing nets...)
  • The frame can support the truss system for lighting, equipment, measuring boards, etc.
  • Energy-efficient solutions
  • Affordable and fast available
  • DUOL experienced project engineering and installation support

Inflatable sports dome cost

DUOL sports dome requires much less construction cost than traditional structures as it doesn’t need sophisticated site-building preparation such as concrete foundation and framing and other complications that conventional buildings have. Furthermore, inflatable sports dome does not require a construction permit as it is not considered as a permanent structure.

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