The Future of Year-Round Tennis has Arrived in Austria with Two New Air Dome Projects

The Future of Year-Round Tennis has Arrived in Austria with Two New Air Dome Projects

DUOL is providing opportunities for Austrian communities to play tennis any time of the year with its state-of-the-art air dome technology.

Two new air dome projects by DUOL are slated to impact how Austrians participate in sports activities, engage in their community, and focus on their health and wellness in any season. These two state-of-the-art air dome facilities will be used for years to come with little concern about rising energy costs as the dome utilising the latest membrane technology.

The first air dome project is located in Salzburg-Gnigl, Austria. The 1800mair supported structure is slated to be used for tennis in the community and was partially supported by the city and state of Salzburg. Some international tennis tournaments are held in the city and this facility is a great resource to demonstrate commitment to top-level sport.

The second air dome project is located in Vienna, Austria. This facility is a 1750mair supported structure and is also designed as a tennis bubble for private use. The inflatable tennis air dome was fully funded by a private club and was financed through the tennis community to be used as a recreational facility.

How DUOL’s Air Domes are Benefitting the DACH (German, Austrian, Swiss) Market

  • Comfort: DUOL has been able to offer tennis players comfort and consistency when it comes to seasonal changes that affect year-round play.
  • Satisfaction: European clients have been incredibly satisfied with DUOL’s solution.
  • Tradition: Years of tradition and experience have been channelled into a new recreational facility that will help to carry on the traditions of past and current tennis club members.
    In Germany alone we have built 25+ air domes over the last few years. Furthermore, DUOL has become the official partner of the Bavarian Tennis Federation-
  • Opportunity: Over the past few decades, there has been a drastic decline in the number of tennis halls available in areas such as Salzburg (from approximately 116 places to play sport to only 68). This has led to a decline in recreational play and interest in sport. Air dome technology helps to boost player numbers by allowing athletes to play through all seasons.
  • Cost-Effective: DUOL’s industry-leading membrane technology allows a more effective use of energy during a time of consistently rising costs. DUOL ECO membrane technology offers outstanding insulation for a modern air dome and is committed to consistently improving technology over time.
  • Durability: DUOL’s air dome membrane has been proven to be perfectly durable over time despite extreme weather conditions.
  • Design: The unique PVC membrane offers new architectural experiences in a city landscape with the ability to create custom designs to fit a community’s preferred aesthetic.

Looking to learn more about air domes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland?

DUOL’s air-supported structures can house more than just tennis. Consider an indoor sporting community for football, handball, golf, racquet sports, and more. Depending on an area’s needs, a community can design its DUOL air dome to suit exactly what they need. Find new ways to engage in sport and other activities.

If you’re interested in learning more about DUOL’s air dome projects in Europe (including Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

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