Innovative structures

A better way to build indoor facility: cost-efficient, durable, weather resistant structures, certified for your area. 

DUOL air supported structures have many unique advantages including innovative DUOL ECO membrane system, which provides highest thermal insulation with rock-solid weather resistance and more.

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Global leader in air supported structures

Global leader in air supported structures

DUOL air supported structures / air domes are our most popular and familiar product. We are the global leader in the field of air-supported structures and since the company foundation 27 years ago, DUOL has covered more than 1600 objects worldwide.
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Complete project support

DUOL provides a full service including initial consultation, 3D visualization of your project, design, production, groundworks, air supported structure installation and maintenance services.

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Arrange a site visit in your location
Arrange a site visit in your location
Customized solution with 3D project visualizations
Customized solution with 3D project visualizations
Engineering & Production phase
Engineering & Production phase
Building phase & object handover
Building phase & object handover
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After-sales service
After-sales service

What makes us different

We are innovation-driven

Innovation fuels us like nothing else. It’s why today DUOL remains the world leader in air supported structures.

  • DUOL ECO membrane system provides strength and durability not found in other fabric structures
  • The outer skin provides improved protection against UV and dust/pollution, affording a greatly increased overall lifespan
  • High resilience to extreme weather conditions. DUOL is the only company which has built air supported structures in cold polar climate (Yamal peninsula) , extreme windy areas (Iceland / Northern Norway) and hottest places in Middle East
  • SmartDome : Innovative solution for the supervision and automation
  • Our confidence is backed by an unbeatable warranty

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One-Stop building projects solutions

DUOL design, manufacture, install and maintain our high-end structures with full liability. DUOL air supported structures and all elements are manufactured in Europe under our strict quality program (ISO 9001:2015).

DUOL offering you complete service with full liability:

  • R&D
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Assembling
  • Maintaining and more

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Our projects speak for themselves.

We are the global leader in the field of air-supported structures: 25 years of experiences, 1500 covered objects in more than 40 countries. 

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Safe. Sustainable. Cost effective. We meet every aspect of our customers' needs

The air-supported structure is an autonomous object, meaning that in an emergency situation it sustains itself. The emergency unit provides stability to the dome in case of a blowing unit failure or in case of an electricity break-down. Each dome is equipped with a certain number of emergency exits according to the dimensions and purpose of the dome. The fabric is fire-retardant and all air supported structure elements meet local standards. The unique structural design of the air supported structure allows it to withstand heavy winds and snow and, unlike conventional buildings, the air supported structure is earthquake resistant. DUOL’s product is certified with ISO management system 9001 as well in compliance with standard EN 13782, which means that we keep in all calculations reserved as stated in this standard.



Configure your air dome online

Configure your air dome online

Use this free, online configurator to cover your facility; choose location, swap components, the choice is yours. 

Get in touch once you've completed your build and we'll talk you through the options to successfully start your project.

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