Air domes

Air domes

The combination of the latest materials and technologies used in DUOL air domes offers you low operating costs and a feeling of comfort, regardless of weather. Turn-key building projects can be ready for use in less than 3 months and are completed at a significantly lower cost per square meter than any conventional building. Air domes offers great flexibility and can be used as a seasonal, permanent or temporary covering. DUOL Air domes are built to meet any local building codes and are able to withstand heavy snow, high or low temperatures and high winds in all types of environments. The air dome is suitable to cover any sports field, warehouses, industrial facilities, etc

Why DUOL air domes?

DUOL air domes have many unique advantages including innovative DUOL ECO membrane system, which provides highest thermal insulation with rock-solid weather resistance.

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We provide the most sustainable air domes

People are familiar with sustainability for private houses, but less so for other types of buildings.DUOL always takes environmental, sustainability and profitability factors into account, when designing, manufacturing and constructing air domes.


Highest quality fabrics

  • Highest quality heavy duty vinyl-coated polyester fabrics
  • Flame resistant with a pro-rated warranty
  • Designed to provide high tensile and tear strength
  • Maximum resistance to acid and chemicals
  • Top coated finishes for maximum UV and dirt protection
  • Dielectric welding of fabric by use of Radio Frequency

Resistance to extreme weather

Our air dome withstands temperatures from -55 ° C and up to +70 ° C, strong winds, storms, heavy snow, ice


DUOL air supported structures are featured with an intelligent and advanced control and monitoring system that automatically controls the entire dome settings.The airdome can also be managed remotely via internet and smartphones.

Very short project execution time

Only few weeks from the date of agreement until the air dome is completed and ready for use.

Less cost than conventional buildings

DUOL air domes require much less construction cost than traditional structures as it doesn’t need sophisticated site preparation such as concrete foundation and framing and other complications that conventional buildings have. Furthermore it does not require a construction permit as it is not considered as a permanent structure.

Seasonal domes

Only few days to assemble and disassemble the air dome easily and with minimal effort.

Easy to relocate

Can be used as permanent or temporary dome structure that can be relocated easily.

Energy efficient structures

The combination of the latest materials and technologies used in DUOL air domes offers you low operating costs. DUOL air domes are energy efficient as they can be used in a seasonal way or only when needed for protection from certain weather conditions and can be removed when not needed. Furthermore, it is possible to use the translucent membrane feature that allows the transmission of day-light inside airdome.

Conforms to all safety standards

DUOL air supported structures conform to all safety standards and regulations as they are resistant to fire, earthquakes and UV. Structures are made of a double-layered extremely durable membrane which is vandalism-proof. All structures are provided with an emergency backup unit and they are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. DUOL is also certified with ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

Long lifespan

DUOL air domes have a lifespan of more than 40 years.

Modern customizable design and branding

DUOL air supported structures have a modern design and could be -unlike traditional building- easily branded and customized in terms of colors and logos to fit the marketing and branding plan of the client.

No wasted space

One of the important advantages of DUOL air domes is the space saving inside the structure as they do not contain traditional buildings frames and pillars which allows several design options without wasting any available space.

Multi-purpose structures

We are specialized in several types of air domes. We construct multi-purpose sports facilities, agricultural halls, logistics and industrial structures, temporary buildings (exhibition halls, entertainment venues, temporary warehouses), structures for civil purposes (hospitals, refugee camps, emergency centers) and military purposes.

Air domes general operation principle

Air dome structure

The air dome is a large clear span, covered with one or more layers of special PVC coated fabric and anchored to the ground, under internal pressure and without any kind of construction; the pressurized air is the main construction element.

The ventilation system provides a slight overpressure inside the air dome to ensure the distinguished form of the airdome, hence the stability of the airdome under all climatic condition. It is necessary to inflate certain amount of air in the airdome constantly. The same inflating units can work as a heating unit, to heat up the entire space. The optimal pressure inside the air dome is 200-300 Pascal under normal conditions, depends on the air dome size and specifications.

The ventilation system ensures the fresh air circulation inside the air dome to keep a healthy, fresh and cool environment for the visitors inside the air dome.

In the case of local electricity supply failure or pressure loss, the emergency backup unit intervenes immediately; the supply of electricity to all units can additionally be provided by the electrical generator. Air domes are built to code and are structurally stable structures – even in extreme weather.

DUOL air domes have many innovative and unique solutionsThe air dome concept is relatively new and was implemented on a large scale by David H. Geiger during Expo '70 in Osaka, Japan in 1970. After the initial prototype, many research & innovations followed in this field in order to create the best possible structure. With huge experiences and many innovative solutions, we are proud to be market and technology leader.

Your air dome may include optional items such as AC system, insulation, backup generators and specialized lighting controls… Duol air domes have many unique advantages including latest membrane technology, certified quality, officially tested thermal insulation. Our membranes are fire retardant and coated with a special self-cleaning film to preserve the perfect whiteness, guaranteeing maintenance-free operation of fabric building and significantly extend air dome lifespan. 

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