Mexico City's New Air Dome Transforms the City Skyline

Mexico City's New Air Dome Transforms the City Skyline

DUOL's introduction of Mexico's first-ever air dome strengthens our position as a global leader.

Strategic Urban Placement: Elevating the Cityscape

Elevating the cityscape, the air dome sits atop a prominent shopping mall in the heart of Mexico City, becoming a distinctive addition that offers a unique and eye-catching recreational space.

DUOL Padel Cover Amongst the Mexico City Urban Skyline

In Sync with Padel's Rise

As padel gains momentum as the fastest-growing sport in South and Central America, DUOL stands as the premier choice for clients, celebrated as the most trusted air dome padel supplier with a notable presence spanning from America to Europe and the Middle East.

Efficient Global Reach: DUOL's Entry into North America

This installation marks DUOL's entry into North America, representing a significant milestone in our journey. It mirrors the success seen in Punta Arenas, Chile, emphasizing our commitment to streamlined global logistics via truck, sea, or airplane, complemented by our comprehensive worldwide service. For an in-depth look at the transformative project in Chile, explore more details [here].

Anticipate exciting updates as we actively progress on a new project in North America.

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