Revolutionizing Logistics: World's First Air Dome for Distribution Centers

Revolutionizing Logistics: World's First Air Dome for Distribution Centers

Revolutionizing Distribution Centers in Collaboration with Saudi Post (SPL)

We are excited to introduce our latest endeavor— the world's most mobility-focused air dome, set to revolutionize distribution centers. Teaming up with our esteemed partner, Saudi Post (SPL), we're thrilled to unveil our pioneering distribution center housed beneath this remarkable structure.

Maximizing Efficiency and Accessibility

The core of this groundbreaking project centers on elevating accessibility. In the dynamic world of distribution centers, our primary focus was to facilitate seamless cargo operations, enabling a high frequency of shipments to enter and exit the dome. To bring this vision to life, we have incorporated eight Vehicle Airlock Access Doors, strategically placing four at opposite ends of the structure to guarantee smooth and efficient cargo flow.

While making cargo accessibility a top priority in our design philosophy for this project, we have also integrated a range of our other innovative technologies, each meticulously tailored to address the specific needs of the project and local environment. A standout feature of this project is the DUOL ECO Ultra membrane system, which offers unmatched thermal insulation capabilities. This cutting-edge technology ensures a consistently comfortable indoor temperature within the distribution center, irrespective of external weather conditions. It not only contributes to energy efficiency but also fosters a comfortable working environment for all occupants.

Clear Span Inside the Air Dome: Unlocking New Possibilities

What sets this air dome apart as a distribution center is its distinctive feature: a clear span interior without any support columns. Unlike traditional structures, DUOL's air domes are designed to be free-span buildings, eliminating the need for interior support columns.

This innovative design ensures that the 4,600 square meters facility in the SPL project operates with the efficiency of a much larger conventional structure. The absence of support columns maximizes the available space, optimizing storage and logistics processes, making it a game-changer in distribution center efficiency.

This pioneering venture, in collaboration with Saudi Post (SPL), represents a significant milestone in our journey. As we look to the future, this project serves as a launchpad for new possibilities in distribution center efficiency. With our innovative solutions and a focus on accessibility, we're committed to reshaping the industry. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, as DUOL continues to pioneer groundbreaking technologies that redefine the potential worldwide.

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