Punta Arenas, Chile
1500 m2
Napihljiva hala

Check out the amazing video showcasing our latest DUOL air dome installation in Punta Arenas, Chile! Located just 1000 kilometers away from Antarctica, this state-of-the-art padel sports facility is a true testament to our commitment to innovation and exploration.

Inside the DUOL air dome, players enjoy thrilling games of padel while fostering a vibrant sports community. Our eco-friendly materials and DUOL ECO Membrane system provide high thermal insulation and energy savings, making it both visually stunning and environmentally conscious. 

From the Middle East to South America and beyond, our air domes have transformed sports facilities worldwide.  With industry-leading design and an efficient shipping process, no location is too far for our products. 

Join us in revolutionizing sports infrastructure and creating unforgettable moments for sports enthusiasts. Experience tFFhe DUOL difference today!