DUOL Installs “Padel Cover” Air Dome in Project Expansion to Southernmost Tip of Chile

DUOL Installs “Padel Cover” Air Dome in Project Expansion to Southernmost Tip of Chile

With its latest project installation in Punta Arenas, Chile, DUOL expands its global map. Any further south and the DUOL team will be installing air domes on Antarctica!

The DUOL team is happy to announce its latest successful installation of a Padel Cover-style air dome in the southernmost region of Chile (in the city of Punta Arenas). With a distance of around 1000 kilometers to Antarctica, the tip of Chile is the farthest south that any DUOL project has reached yet!

The DUOL team is proud to enter new and adventurous markets on a daily basis with our technologies. To date, with over 1600 successful air dome installations, no location has proven to be “too far” or “too extreme” for our team!

So, where to next for our DUOL air domes? Maybe Antarctica! Only time will tell if there is a market for our products in the South Pole.

What is a Padel Cover Air Dome?

The padel cover air dome is designed exclusively for padel sports and recreational areas. Punta Arenas is home to the newest way to enjoy padel sports – a state-of-the-art air dome that houses several padel courts with its unique design. DUOL’s air dome can be installed seasonally or as a permanent covering for local padel courts in your community.

Longevity and space efficiency are the two major keys that make DUOL a great choice for communities that are looking to expand recreational opportunities. Featuring an innovative ECO membrane system, DUOL’s padel cover air dome is built with higher vertical walls that result in a more playable area. This design enhances user experience and allows for more padel courts to be housed beneath a single padel cover air dome. In terms of longevity, DUOL offers up to a 20-year manufacturer warranty on the fabric and a +40-years lifespan on its products that feature high-quality and durable fabrics (even in extreme weather conditions).

DUOL’s Padel Cover Air Dome Installation Process & Technology Benefits

  • Long Lifespan: DUOL provides up to a 20-year manufacturer warranty on the fabric against degradation of the material and a +40-year lifespan on its padel cover air domes. This longevity in comparison to the cost of a steel or brick/mortar structure is more efficient for a single community’s budget. Repairs and service can also be completed by DUOL and may actually cost less in overall maintenance costs versus a brick-and-mortar building.
  • Efficient Shipping Installation Process: DUOL is efficient to ship and no place is too far for our products to travel. Air dome products can be packed into truck, sea containers, airplanes, and any other mode of travel that you can imagine. Membrane fabric takes up very little footprint when being shipped and we’ve sent our products far and wide across the globe!
  • Global Project Span: Our projects range from the Middle East, to South America, to Europe, and beyond. There’s no place too distant for DUOL air domes and our product ships efficiently anywhere (much lighter than brick-and-mortar building supplies).
  • ECO Membrane System: DUOL’s industry-leading design that provides multilayer insulation that keeps players warm or cool depending on the outdoor weather.
  • Unique Design for Padel Courts: DUOL air domes are space-efficient and built with high vertical walls. This unique design allows for additional playable space and provides a greater indoor experience for padel court enthusiasts.
  • Full-Service Project Management: DUOL provides full-service project management. This includes initial consultations, design, production, groundwork, dome installation, and continued after-sales support for all air dome projects.
  • Custom Designs Available: For the Punta Arenas Paddle Cover, DUOL designed a kitchen area that allowed for snacks and refreshments to be sold. This design required special ventilation systems that could offer the possibility of this kitchen area for all users.

Looking to learn more about air domes in South America?

With the rise of padel sports, DUOL is ready to accommodate South America and its sports communities. Our air domes can also provide a home to other sports including; handball, football, soccer, pools, tennis, ice skating, and more. Depending on the unique needs of your community, we can design and install customized air domes that are meant to fit perfectly into your area.

Learn more about DUOL’s padel cover air domes in South America here.

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