Cubiertas textiles

Soluciones estructurales innovadoras

Compañía DUOL diseña, fabrica e instala algunas de las estructuras de tejido más exclusivas y versátiles del mundo. Somos expertos en estructuras aéreas, estructuras de armazones prefabricados (madera / metal) y estructuras tensionadas

Pabellones deportivos y cubiertas

Los pabellones deportivos de DUOL tienen muchas ventajas, como el innovador DUOL ECO, que proporciona el mayor aislamiento térmico con una resistencia solida al clima. Ellos son un medio económico y flexible de cubrir áreas deportivas al aire libre de forma permanente (o solamente durante los meses de invierno). Estas cubiertas deportivas se pueden utilizar para muchos deportes, como fútbol, tenis, piscinas, hockey en interiores, rangos de golf, baloncesto, voleibol de playa y otros.

Naves y Hangares

We produce high-quality engineered fabric structure solutions for all kinds of businesses, sports clubs and Public Work professionals to ensure their needs are met. It’s why we are the trusted brand to meet either short or long-term fabric building demands. No matter what industry you are in – industrial, commercial or sport – we have a fabric-enclosed building to meet your needs and expectations. We understand fabric Company DUOL is much more than just an air dome supplier. With an international network of specialists from different fields, DUOL provides solutions in textile membrane structures. Our projects are used in various areas, from sports, events, industry etc. First and largest airdome-covered velodrome in Europe. Fabric bubble at 2019 Art Basel; artist Alexandra Pirici. The only airdome-covered velodrome in France. Ronaldinho Soccer Academy in Dubai.  High thermal insulation. The largest wooden frame fabric structure in Asia. Retractable fabric covering. Steel support structure. Fabric structure covering with diving platform inclusion. Habitat pods with pneumatic supporting fabric structure. DUOL has been in the fabric building business for nearly 30 years. We understand fabric, so we give you only the best fabric quality. We understand which type of structure is most appropriate and we can offer you custom-designed: Air dome - air supported fabric structure  Timber frame construction - fabric structure supported by timber frames Fabric building - fabric structure supported by steel frames Browse categories below and find a fabric structure that meets your requirements.