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Covering your tennis courts with an air dome

Tennis air dome is an ideal solution for the seasonal or permanent covering of one or more tennis courts. The particularly quick erection of the tennis dome and its equally rapid dismantling that leaves no visible traces allowing for temporary or permanent coverage, thereby increasing investors’ profit levels. The excellent insulation characteristics of the air dome provide players with ideal playing conditions and protect them from the weather.

 Covered tennis courts construction WHL

Case study: White Hart Lane, UK 

When the local tennis facility was due for renovation, New River Sport started preparing a business plan to build new indoor tennis courts. Costs of a new indoor tennis structure should be within budget and built according to strict UK quality and building standards. After investigating various options for tennis court covering systems, DUOL came up with the best solution.

For a fast and cost-effective solution the decision was made to go with a Tennis air dome, the speedy installation of this type of structure means the facility can be erected and ready for use in a fraction of the time taken for a traditional build.

Project background

When Haringey Council were offering a number of leisure sites for privatization Fusion Lifestyle spotted an opportunity to develop and grow the facility. There was a good mix of sports available at the club, which included tennis, a relatively new sport to the Fusion portfolio.

The existing four courts outdoor facility at the club was already popular with locals however the area was not known as a tennis venue. Due to the location of the club, it was mainly utilized by the local community, the outdoor courts were relatively busy so tennis was quickly identified as a potential growth area to expose the club to a wider audience. An indoor tennis facility would allow all year round participation in the sport, an opportunity to increase the facilities on offer and a facility designed to competition standards would open a myriad of opportunities for both the business and the sportsmen.


The indoor tennis structure has to cover 4 tennis courts. DUOL offered a complete solution; a flexible tennis court tent structure with dimensions 36m x 62m x 11m. The tennis court roof structure was equipped with heating, lighting and ventilation system. DUOL's tennis court canopy has been developed and built according to the latest energy and environmental standards.

As tennis air domes are entirely air supported structures, the foundations are often much less costly than other types of structures and the anchoring system means the facility can be constructed on existing surfaces, the build went smoothly with no inconvenience to the existing club services.

Client’s statement

DUOL listened carefully to our wishes and offered an appropriate indoor tennis court structure. Their service was professional from the very beginning to delivery. They have covered tennis courts within the agreed time and quality. 

The facility is very spacious and provides a pleasant playing environment. The new indoor facilities which opened in 2015 have allowed the team at Fusion to be more pro active with the sport, and introduce a wider range of modern cardio classes such as cardio tennis and tennis express together with coaching, clubs and free play sessions to their junior and adult players.

Operating on both membership and pay-as-you-go the club has seen an increase in interest for the sport and also an increase in membership levels. The competition tennis is also thriving, this is now so popular it can often be oversubscribed, the prestigious facility not only brings competitors from the local area but throughout the South East London region, introducing more and more people to the facility and the sport, objective achieved! DUOL was the ideal partner for us to build an indoor tennis court.


DUOL tennis court covering systems: Best Tennis venue in North London


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