A First of its Kind Air dome in Denmark Provides Innovative Home to Aarhus Beach volleyball Sports Club

A First of its Kind Air dome in Denmark Provides Innovative Home to Aarhus Beach volleyball Sports Club

Affectionately named the “Beach Dome”, DUOL is using air dome technology to provide new opportunities to Danish communities to play beach sports year-round.

There’s a new way to enjoy beach sports in Aarhus and it involves a 1300m2 air dome.  DUOL’s air dome had an installation process of only a few weeks and has established a protected space from Danish weather for athletes. Inside the dome, there is space for the Aarhus Beach Sports Club to set up four beach volleyball courts or two beach handball courts at any given time.

This state-of-the-art air dome is designed for longevity. Furthermore, when compared to the average bricks and mortar construction project, the Beach Dome used less construction material, had a lower environmental footprint, and a significantly lower overall cost to install. 

The Aarhus air dome project was funded collaboratively through a municipal guarantee and several other community foundations. 

Not only does the air dome provide convenience and consistency for the Aarhus Beach Sports Club athletes, it also increases the Club’s ability to play competitively. Chairman Mie Kjer Thomsen says “the new facilities mean that you can attract some of the country's best players”. The air dome also provides a great opportunity to attract and retain more members at the Aarhus Beach Sports Club year-round. The airdome “is the result of a whole lot of volunteers who have worked hard for a dream for many years”, said Councilor for Culture and Civic Services Rabih Azad-Ahmad.

A Closer Look at the Technology of DUOL’s Air Dome in Aarhus, Denmark

  • ECO Membrane System: An industry-leading design that provides multilayer insulation. The DUOL ECO Membrane material ensures the highest thermal insulation to keep players warm or cool depending on the outdoor weather.The membrane is also designed to be dirt, fungus, and mildew resistant to promote longevity of the air dome and prevent degradation over time.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: Utilising highly transparent layers, DUOL’s membrane system maximises interior daylight and reduces the need for energy use to illuminate the playing area. 
  • Design: DUOL’s PVC membrane provides a unique architectural experience in a community landscape. The company also offers custom air dome designs to fit within specific design guidelines or needs of a community.  
  • Rock-Solid Dome Design: DUOL’s air domes utilise a double pressure lock to provide a rock-solid design for users built to withstand varying weather conditions. 
  • Hidden Cables: A great feature of DUOL’s air dome structures are its hidden cables which beside aesthetic performance offer many other advantages
  • Environmentally-Friendly Methods: DUOL is employing building methods that are sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and that have a low impact on the community’s surrounding ecological area. Air domes are much easier to install and remove than full-scale brick and mortar construction projects are.
  • Prioritising User Safety: DUOL’s air domes are fire retardant and designed to be as safe as possible for recreational communities. DUOL’s product is certified with ISO management system 9001 as well in compliance with standard EN 13782, which means that we keep in all calculations reserved as stated in this standard.

Looking to learn more about air domes?

DUOL’s air supported structures can house a myriad of sports including; handball, football, soccer, pools, tennis, ice skating, and more. Recreational needs in Denmark and other countries are unique and ever-changing and DUOL air domes are designed to suit exactly that. From the design, to the installation, to the support – DUOL is providing innovative new ways to engage in sports, leisure, and social activities in communities all over the globe!

Learn more about DUOL’s air dome projects in Europe and worldwide here.

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