Hockey Air Dome in the Heart of the Alps

Hockey Air Dome in the Heart of the Alps

We make your outdoor sports activities convenient throughout the year. Keeping the cost low and quality at maximum, we provide innovative air domes for your hockey stadiums and sports clubs.

DUOL provides you with the most innovative, functional, and sturdy air domes to facilitate an indoor hockey rink and indoor skating arena for your hockey sports clubs to keep the activity going even in extreme weather. 

Present on the market for over 30 years now, we cover over 45 countries for air domes deliveries, installation, maintenance, and support. We have completed thousands of projects, helping and allowing ice hockey fans and enthusiasts to follow their team, which in turn benefits from their presence aims for a better place at the table. 

We are your One-stop Building Projects Solution!

Air Dome for Hockey in the Heart of Alps

The Alps are famous for mountaineering, alpine skiing, mountain biking, winter sports, snow activities, and outdoor pursuits. To counter the extreme wintery/snowy season, we infused unique technology into our products for exceptional stability, providing a sustainable ice arena and a covered ice rink, especially for the Alpine region and Alps Hockey League (AlpsHL).
It is a professional ice hockey league in Central Europe. Keeping the standards to the maximum ensures that the league is both financially viable and high standard for the long term.

State-of-the-art, luxury-style, and quick-to-install Air Dome solutions matching up the standards of the AlpsHL. 

We are the time savers! 

We provided a quick-to-install brand new built hall to Wipptal Broncos- an ice hockey team founded in 1948 at Vipiteno, Italy - mere 300 days after the conventional building "Weihenstephan Arena" collapse due to heavy snow load.

DUOL air dome comes with;

  • DUOL ECO membrane, resistant to the extreme snow load  
  • A clear space (74x45m ) allowing multiple teams to play simultaneously 
  • Supporter stands with seating capacity of up to 600 people
  • Minimal energy consumption feature 
  • LaserLED luminaries
  • Lower carbon footprint because of low usage of materials and heavy machinery during the dome installation

Our hosting for the first game of Wipptal Broncos proves our professionalism in meeting the league's standards through our innovative air domes. 

Why DUOL Air Domes; Difference from Traditional Domes

DUOL has introduced faster turnkey projects that can be installed at significantly lower prices. With 30+ years of working in the field, we have made our product different from other traditional domes in terms of quality material, innovative solutions, cost-effectivity, sustainability, etc. We provide complete project support from the start to project finalization.

Our product has a long life expectancy, is durable, reusable, and budget-friendly. Invest in it once and enjoy its benefits for decades to come.
Choose our solutions for their latest technology, low operational costs, and maximum indoor Hockey facility for your club.


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