Industry-Leading Air Dome Installation in Saudi Arabia

Industry-Leading Air Dome Installation in Saudi Arabia

DUOL is leading the way in the Middle East with its latest air dome installation in the holy city of Medina. State-of-the-art technology is on display at this latest air dome that’s just one of our many already built throughout the region.

The community members of Medina have a new place to host recreation and leisure activities. Measuring in at approximately 4000 square metres, Medina’s DUOL air supported structure is sure to be a popular destination for those who want to play, watch, and engage in the local sports community.

DUOL is leading the way in the Middle East for Air Domes

In collaboration with Global Sport Gate (GSG), DUOL has quickly become the industry-leader in air domes throughout Saudi Arabia. As a partner, Global Sports Gate is the exclusive distributor of DUOL’s air dome technology. It is through GSG’s strategic market partnerships that DUOL has been able to deliver state-of-the-art indoor sports facilities to various communities across Saudi Arabia.

The community members of Medina have a new place to host recreation and leisure activities.

The DUOL team is happy to reveal that installation team is now also finalizing an additional air dome in Dubai that will become the largest indoor sports facility in the Middle East and Asia.
Stay tuned to learn more about the Dubai project and additional air dome projects that are soon to be underway through.

Why is Air Dome Technology the preferred solution for the Middle East?

In a region that faces extreme heat waves, air domes in the Middle East must be built with state-of-the-art technology to provide the perfect indoor comfort. DUOL’s air domes utilize an ECO membrane system for the best possible thermal insulation and regulation.

DUOL’s air dome technology is designed to provide the ability for sport and recreation to a community throughout the year regardless of weather. While it may be 50 degrees celsius or more outdoors, DUOL’s air dome can provide a regulated temperature that consistently averages around 23 degrees celsius. DUOL’s current designs are proven to be operational in temperatures anywhere between +70 degrees celsius to -55 degrees celsius. This temperature regulation is certainly a welcome relief for those who want to engage in sports and recreation all year!

Some other benefits of DUOL Air Domes include:

  • DUOL’s ECO Ultra membrane technology (as used in the Medina project) reduces air conditioning requirements by more than 65%.
  • The DUOL ECO Ultra membrane looks sleek and elegant. The overall air dome design doesn’t have the classic wrinkles that can often be seen in other domes, and the lights and all the cables are hidden.
  • DUOL’s installation process focuses on speed and efficiency. With the Medina project, the air dome was the first thing to be finished on the site which also required some additional building projects in the area.
  • DUOL is the industry-leader and offers the latest protective air dome coatings that are currently available on the market.
  • During extreme weather, air domes provide excellent UV protection for users.
  • The membrane of every DUOL air dome has been proven to be incredibly durable over time.
  • The membrane of DUOL’s air domes are opaque and includes multiple layers for the best possible thermal regulation.
  • DUOL’s technology increases energy and acoustic performance, even under extreme weather conditions.
  • The membrane of the air dome offers unique and new architectural experiences by providing the ability to create custom designs that fit a specific community’s space.
  • As a project partner, DUOL offers complete support for project finalisation.

Looking to learn more about air domes in the Middle East?

DUOL’s air supported structures are perfect for indoor football, tennis, handball, golf, padel and more. Depending on your area’s needs, air dome technology could be a great fit to offer your community new ways to engage in sport and activity.

DUOL’s technology is anticipated to become a trend throughout the Middle East as a result of its unique capabilities. If you’re interested in learning more about DUOL’s Middle East air dome projects, contact us here.

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