Together for Handball; a new Air-supported structure brought a new hope in the city

Together for Handball; a new Air-supported structure brought a new hope in the city

We understand how important it is for athletes to have a place for sports practice and competition throughout the year. In any weather or other external circumstances they need their passion to be fueled all the time. We cannot stop a catastrophe from hitting or weather to change, but we can guarantee a perfect sports venue that allows ideal sports conditions. We stand together to serve your passion; our air supported structures are a perfect solution for all your sports challenges.

FFWhere do we stand?

We are active in cooperating with you wherever necessary! 
Supporting the slogan “Together for Handball,” we now represent our passion and activeness in the future to support towns to rebuild their sports clubs and continue the sports activities and cultural events like in the city Petrinja.

Catastrophes cannot stop us!

After participating in Petrinja’s struggle to get their sports club back on its feet when hit by a devastating earthquake, we now aim and step forward to help other cities around the globe. 

On 29th Dec 2020, Petrinja in Croatia was left without a venue for sports practice and other events. Being one of the top achievers and having the most successful and passionate players, Petrinja Handball club was nowhere.

However, in only 1 year, on 3rd Feb 2022, a new air-supported structure was inaugurated to facilitate all sports and cultural events. More than 150 sports clubs, companies, and individuals participated in the project, and the City Mayor, Mrs. Magdalena Komes, attended the inauguration.  

The newly built air dome at the City Stadium is a place for athletes to prepare faster and easier for future sports challenges and the young people and the children needing regular physical activity for the development and healthy growth. 

Need the one for your city, too? We are always ready to assist you!

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DUOL Air Supported Structures endure the forces of nature

DUOL air-supported structures withstand temperatures from -55 ° C up to +70 ° C, strong winds, storms, heavy snow and ice. 

Our facilities are also a perfect solution for areas with strong Seismic activity, especially in the following ways;

Earthquake Resistant

Our air domes are earthquake resistant and made with a self-balancing structure that employs a counter-balance self-adjusting weight system that keeps the structure in place when hit by a strong earthquake. The earthquake causes relative movement between the supported dome and the cables, while the weight system adjusts the tensile strength and brings the structure back to equilibrium.

Emergency Backup System

Our air domes are well-equipped with Emergency Backup System that never lets the energy go down. Our structure comes with around 12-24hr autonomy, which can be extended to around 100hrs when needed.

Safe, Sustainable, and Cost-effective

Additionally, they are safe and cost-effective. Depending upon the purpose and the structure of the dome, we have added up a number of emergency exits that can help you save yourself in difficult times.

Let’s Step Together and build durable and long-lasting structures for your favorite sports. Our structures are not only suitable for handball only, but also football, Tennis, Padel, Golf and other sports.  

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