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Maximize comfort, efficiency and safety with SmartDome

For outstanding energy performance, comfort and safety DUOL developed smart system for an air dome - SmartDome.

Easy. Intuitive. Enjoyable. Efficient.

Control panel in Air dome

Cloud server

This is how it works

Manual, automatic, remote. Switches, sensors, controllers, lights, heating... It’s all there for you with SmartDome

SmartDome interacts with different devices and sensors used for air dome monitoring and automatic control.

Turning data from connected devices into value-added service.

SmartDome gathers data from connected devices and turns raw data into valuable information for users.

Control your air dome easily and efficiently with multitude of options available.

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Power Outage! Starting backup system.

Stay informed of everything happening in and around your air dome.

SmartDome recognizes unintended anomalies and automatically alarms you through app notification, e-mail, or SMS. 

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Simply smart: Discover our app

Be in control, that’s how you roll!

Connect, control, automate, and monitor air dome in a few simple steps.
With SmartDome, your facility is always with you, on your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, anywhere, anytime.

SmartDome Functionalities

Managing air dome has never been so easy and cost & time efficient.

Expect the best service.

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Why spend when we can save. Environment and wallet friendly.

Ventilation control

Ventilation control is completely automatic with DUOL SmartDome.

Scenes and schedules

Control everything at once with SmartDome scenes. Think less, do more.

Remote control

Air dome in your pocket, wherever you are with free apps for all devices.

Temperature control

Heating & cooling are as intuitive and cost effective as anybody would want it.

Lighting control

Individual lights or groups of lights, dimmed ambient lighting and scenes.

Sensor data

Want to measure something? Snow, wind, temperature? Be aware of your surroundings.

Safety & security

Feeling safe is essential. Protection from burglary, storms, fire and more.

Your comfort is Automated

SmartDome optimizes heating, ventilation, HVAC and lighting system to operate automatically and in harmony with one another to maximise indoor comfort.

Acknowledged by clients all over the world

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Smart indoor Air quality monitor

Clean air is safe air. By managing the ventilation system in conjunction with the humidity, VOC, CO2, CO and smoke sensors, the air indoors will be clean & healthy at all times.

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Technology & Innovations

Fine-tune your Thermal comfort

Regardless of the weather conditions, maintain the perfect temperature in your dome. SmartDome will take care of the temperature adjustment.
At the same time, it will optimize energy consumption based on your daily routine and preferences.

Resilience to extreme weather


Switch the lights on and off to inspect dome's lightning comfort.

LaserLED Direct

On Off

Intensity 50%

Off 100%

Switch the lights on and off to inspect dome's lightning comfort.

LaserLED Indirect

On Off

Intensity 50%

Off 100%
Smartdome - 8 luči

Smart lighting, Simpler control

With a simple click adjust several light sources to your desired setting at the same time. SmartDome make operating the lights easier and energy-efficient.

Find peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring

SmartDome provides 24/7/365 security monitoring. With alerts tailor-made for each system, you’ll be in the know about what matters to you most.

Wind alarm

Snow alarm

Air dome pressure

Lock control

Fire alarm

Automatic backup

Electric supply

Video surveillance

All safety is saved in the cloud with:

Detailed history analysis

All history in one place.

PDF histroy reports

Detailed data & statistics

Data logging and history

For perfect safety & security

Camera feature

Stay in control, no matter where you are.
Check the surveillance cameras to make sure that everything is in order.

Manage Your Energy On-the-Go

Take care of your energy expenditure at the tap of a finger, wherever you are. Let SmartDome make your air dome more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly and of course, more friendly toward your wallet

Unmatched Quality Pricing

Save with your investment
Smartdome - 11 vsebina

Lighting system

Air dome pressure

Ventilation system

HVAC system

Control peak demands & Energy usage

SmartDome optimizes different scenarios and strategically schedules the times of day when different systems are operating at peak, including inflation, heating, lightning system and more.

Smart & Sustainable solution

SmartDome makes the facility more efficient to help our clients save money, reduce environmental impact, and better manage day-to-day operations.

Lower your costs and build a sustainable future


Cost control

Reduce environmental impact

Manage operations better

Save money

Scenario management Create your routines

Make life more effortless and enjoyable. The pre-set scenes management allows you to centrally change several systems with a single touch. 

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Smart Dome benefits

Easy. Intuitive. Enjoyable. Efficient. These are the traits of the DUOL SmartDome system - a smart system for air dome.

Configure your air dome online



Easiliy monitor all of your air dome system at glance.


Think less, do more. Smartdome ensure more efficient operation of your air dome.


Reduce energy consumption in your building – thus conserving resources, meeting climate protection targets, and benefiting the environment.

Cost effective

Why spend when we can save. Energy is expensive these days so let us consume it with care. Save on energy consumption with optimal and automatic operation of heating, lighting, ventilation and other systems.


Full control over your facility during your absence or perfectly peaceful sleep in the safety of your SmartDome.
Be instantly aware of unwanted events. Your air dome has to be a safe place and DUOL SmartDome makes it so.


We made SmartDome customizable to your needs and habits, customizable to suit your lifestyles; we made the SmarDome to work with you and for you. Feel comfortable in and about your air dome with Smartdome.