The Netherlands is Playing Korfball Year-Round with this new Air Dome Installation Project

The Netherlands is Playing Korfball Year-Round with this new Air Dome Installation Project

Our recent construction project is located in Groningen, Netherlands. This air supported structure is about to offer additional indoor sports and leisure capacity to locals and visitors alike!

The city of Groningen (Netherlands) has expanded its capacity for indoor sport and leisure in the coming months using a unique air dome structure. According to the Mayor, the town’s plan was to install DUOL’s air dome technology in the fall, just in time for local korfball leagues to move their sport indoors ahead of the cold winter. This DUOL air dome installation took place through a partnership with Recreational Sports International. As an organisation, Recreational Sports International offers clubs and municipalities in the Netherlands an opportunity to pursue sports and exercise at any time of the year.

Why is Groningen Installing an Air Dome?

Field hockey and korfball are two of the most popular sports in the Netherlands and city of Groningen was faced with lack of indoor facilities for those sports. The air dome technology is to be placed over the existing korfball field in the city so that the clubs can continue to play throughout the winter. DUOL’s air dome technology is designed to provide capacity for sport and recreation throughout the entire year (despite the weather).

The plan is to dismantle the air dome in Groningen during the summer period to allow clubs to play outside during ideal weather. The clubs who are utilising the DUOL air dome in Groningen include; KV Hoogkerk, NIC, ROG, and Club Brothers. All korfball clubs in the area have embraced the arrival of DUOL’s air dome and are currently discussing schedules for the extended season.

The Benefits of DUOL’s Air Dome 

  • DUOL’s air supported structure is both modular and environmentally friendly.
  • Air domes provide a cost-effective solution for indoor recreation, leisure, and other weather-dependent sports.
  • During winter months, an air dome option adds to the recreational offerings in a local area to maintain the health and fitness of its residents.
  • Leisure and sport can also be a way to connect with others socially. Air domes provide an opportunity to connect with your community year-round.
  • DUOL’s air domes can be installed seasonally to allow for both indoor/outdoor play in a single location without having to move existing infrastructure.
  • Sustainability is a priority for DUOL as the air supported structure can be easily disassembled. This is especially true when compared to brick-and-mortar recreational buildings that require continued investment and upkeep.
  • DUOL’s air dome construction has an avant-garde design that’s eye-catching. Our unique design can attract new visitors, tourists, or leisure sports enthusiasts to a specific area.
  • DUOL’s technology offers a massive advantage on the market when compared to other conventional membrane systems. It is one of the most energy-efficient systems on the market too!
  • As a municipal partner, DUOL offers complete project support for project finalisation.

Are you interested in DUOL Air Dome Technology for your community?

DUOL’s air supported structures are perfect for indoor football, hockey, tennis, golf, basketball, handball, field hockey, roller skating, and more. Depending on your area’s needs, temporary or permanent sports dome technology may be available for your project.

DUOL’s air dome designs are ultra-modern, sustainable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient. This technology works for all levels of competitive sport and is designed to last through hot summers or harsh winters while providing the ideal sports experience for residents.


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