The UAE's Largest Indoor Air Dome: Featuring Spectacular Panoramic Windows!

The UAE's Largest Indoor Air Dome: Featuring Spectacular Panoramic Windows!

We're excited to introduce you to the UAE's Largest Air Dome, where cutting-edge air dome technology seamlessly blends with refined aesthetics and usability. Let us explore what makes this extraordinary structure stand out from the rest.

Elevating Architectural Excellence with ECO Advance and ECO Ultra

At the core of this project lies our state-of-the-art ECO Membrane system, enabling breathtaking panoramic views and flawless design. Transition away from the conventional dome shapes known for their wrinkled coverings and exposed cables. Our membranes boast a sleek and sophisticated appearance, seamlessly blending into any environment. Immerse yourself in an indoor atmosphere that effortlessly merges form and functionality.

Exceptional Thermal Insulation

With the DUOL ECO Membrane system, you're guaranteed year-round comfort. It ensures that your sports facility remains enjoyable, regardless of the weather conditions, all while reducing heating and cooling expenses. DUOL Air Domes have earned an A rating from independent European third-party laboratories, attesting to their top-tier energy efficiency. This results in improved insulation, significant energy savings, and ultimately lower monthly utility bills.

SmartDome Technology for a Smarter and More Energy-Efficient Experience

In addition to our ECO Membrane system, we also incorporate SmartDome technology to enhance experience further. SmartDome technology offers intelligent solutions for controlling lighting, ventilation, climate and more within the air dome, ensuring an optimal environment for both athletes and spectators while promoting energy efficiency.


Ideal Indoor Climate During Extreme Weather

In regions susceptible to extreme weather conditions, such as the Middle East, Siberia, Iceland and beyond, air domes demand cutting-edge technology to maintain optimal indoor conditions. DUOL's air domes, featuring the ECO Membrane system, provide superior thermal insulation and regulation while withstanding unprecedented wind and snow loads.

By choosing DUOL's air dome, you're not merely investing in innovative technology; you're embracing architectural excellence, energy efficiency, and more. Welcome to a new era of sports and design synergy.

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