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The United Nations state that sports 'promote coo­peration and solidarity, tolerance, understanding, social inclusion, and health, at local, national, and international levels'. To them, sports is vital to achieving the Millennium Development Goals as were drafted at the beginning of this millennium.

DUOL still endorses these goals and ambitions by developing and offering quality infrastructure for a wide scope of sports facilities. We offer solutions that fit everybody's needs and can provide a place to improve health, a sense of belonging, self-esteem and social cohesion. Our sustainable and modular solutions make it possible to establish quality sports facilities anywhere, anyhow and anytime. All our products are made of materials of the highest grade. This enables them to withstand the excessive use of sports facilities usually experience.

They also meet the high-quality standards that have been set for professional games or venues.

The solutions offered by DUOL ensure any type of facility can meet the expectations of players, owners, fans and the community collectively, regardless of their age, gender or sports ambitions.

The designs of many of our solutions make it possible to use low-skilled labor when establishing or improving a facility. It is a benefit that can help improve the community. By using players, parents and locals when assembling the product or facility, the construction cost will be reduced while the sense of ownership and social cohesion will greatly be improved. It is a benefit best described as 'priceless'!

In 2000, all 191 member states of the United Nations adopted the following eight goals that collectively have been termed the 'the Millennium Development Goals':

  • To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger;
  • To achieve universal primary education;
  • To promote gender equality and empower women;
  • To reduce child mortality;
  • To improve maternal health;
  • To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases;
  • To ensure environmental sustainability; and
  • To develop a global partnership for development.

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We provide the most sustainable air domes

We provide the most <strong>sustainable</strong> air domes

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