New full-size football air dome rises in Viljandi

New full-size football air dome rises in Viljandi

Built with the latest air dome technology, this breathtaking indoor sports complex has a lot to offer.

The 118 meters long, 77 meters wide and 23 meters high airdome covers a full-size football pitch, a two-lane athletic track around the court and four running tracks on the mainline. 

A 520m2 area with changing rooms, toilets and storage facilities is connected to the membrane structure. There is also a lobby and a spectator area with a balcony for up to 200 people.

This is the first full-size indoor football facility outside Tallinn. The mayor of Viljandi Mr. Madis Timpson, said “This wonderful air dome opens new opportunities for athletes to train during the winter. The new sports complex will not only be used by football players. With its multifunctional amenities, it is built for the entire sports community in Viljandi. The completion of this indoor hall has been dreamed of and talked about for many years, and now it has finally come true."

The airdome also contains a mini gym area.

Just a picture of a football game? No, definitely not. This is a picture of the very first game in the officially opened football air dome in Viljandi. The construction workers (in dark blue) played against the client I.e. the city government (in white). The result does not matter, because the Viljandi city is the true winner. 


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