The first LFF football dome has been installed in Rēzekne, Latvia

The first LFF football dome has been installed in Rēzekne, Latvia

Despite the challenging weather conditions, the new full-size football dome with an artificial turf has been installed in Rēzekne, Latvia. Air dome assembly preparations took place for almost a week - clearing the snow and stretching the membrane around the entire perimeter of the foundation.

The opportunity for a high-quality training throughout the year will allow Latvian footballers to keep up with their peers with better conditions. 

Not to lose any training in the winter season, the Rēzekne airdome will be a very welcome addition.

Project background 

Winters in Latvia are harsh and due to lack of indoor football facilities, the players simply did not have optimal training conditions (for example, training was held in facilities built for other sports). To overcome the winter period and to promote footballers to improve their skills year-round, the Latvian Football Federation (LFF) has decided to invest into new, modern indoor football facilities.

According to LFF development program for 2021 - 2024, seven new football domes will be built in different Latvian cities. In the following months one more football dome will be built in Liepāja.

DUOL state-of-the-art technology & great experience combined with the LFF vision were joined together in this project. We would like to thank LFF for trusting DUOL as their partner.

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