With the new airdome the dreams of generations of Tartu football players came true

With the new airdome the dreams of generations of Tartu football players came true

A new air dome for Tartu football players has been completed.

It is the realization of their desire to have an indoor sports complex for the game they are most passionate about; around 1.800 football enthusiasts are found in Tartu, Estonia. The project will award them with a 7.700 m2 indoor facility to enjoy favorable training conditions all year round. The dome will have an even greater positive effect on the city and community. It has been built next to the school and will be used by schoolchildren during the morning hours, thus promoting their health and game.

Tartu air dome; the long-awaited football stadium

The football air dome is higher than the apartment buildings but took only a day to be fully installed. With the large size, attractive design and coloured in official city colours it represents a new impressive structure in the city.

We are the game changers!

Tartu has been long awaiting their football indoor facility. Despite the city making enormous efforts for years, there was little result to be seen. Years passed and Tartu remained deprived of its football hall.
However, our stepping forward for the cause made their dream come true.

Our air dome brought them a place to practice their sport even in winters and showcase the best results to the world. "I believe that one of the dreams of Tartu footballers has come true. The indoor hall provides them with good training conditions all year round, and hopefully, the results will improve as well", said Tartu Mayor Urmas Klaas. 

What makes our Air-supported structures so favorable? 

We manufacture our air domes using the highest quality fabrics. Multilayer fabrics are dielectrically welded together to form our innovative ECO Membrane system which ensures structural stability, excellent thermal insulation, the ultimate strength, and amazing flexibility at the same time.

Other systems such as Ventilation / Heating, LED lights, SmartDome and other systems make our structures leading in the air dome industry.

Our air domes are custom-made. They are very flexible and can be connected to an existing building, as it was done in Tartu project. It is therefore a perfect solution for the owners who want to expand the functionalities of their existing buildings.

We understand your sustainability and profitability needs.

Our ECO Membrane system is energy-saving. The highly transparent membrane layers on the top are ideal for maximizing interior daylight and reducing energy for illumination during the day. Our football air dome is supplied also with interior LED lights and ventilation / heating system to support you with most ideal nighttime play conditions.

Tartu’s football stadium maintains sustainability and profitability

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